Who are we?

Rokita Industries stands for the technological revolution and entertainment. Our company strives to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence industry, as well as the entertainment business with TeamNexus. We are a modern-day technology company turning dreams into a reality. As of today we have an amazing team of amazing people. Every division of Rokita Industries amass to reach the same goal, which is: to make dreams into a reality.


We strive to partner with companies in various industries that open doors for our employees as well as our companies. Withal our brands and divisions seek to reach one goal which is turning dreams into reality.

Over the years our team has worked with many huge enterprises which opened a countless amount of opportunities for us. A few examples of brands that we worked with are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, O2 and Barclays. In the future we aim to work with many more brands in the aim of helping them and vice versa.